On Thursday, April 2nd, while doing a wellness check with client June Rusche, her daughter Sharon. asked me a question that left me a little confused. She asked if we serviced other counties aside from DuPage County. When I informed her of the counties we served, she was incredibly happy to hear that we serviced a portion of Cook in the Northwest Suburbs. She said, “You are going to think this is rather weird… I am having a house built so that my mom can move in with me; however, I do not want my mom to lose Sara, her Caregiver. If you do not provide services in the area, I am looking to have the house built in, I will have to find another location.” I was floored! This client was so pleased with the caregiver and quality of care. Even the family members saw how much Sara does for Ms. Rusche and do not want to lose her! I am so proud of Sara, our caregiver, because she genuinely does her job from the heart. What an incredible story I cannot wait for Sara to read this. Sometimes we are so quick to point out what is wrong with how people do their jobs. We need to stop and acknowledge that there are dedicated and kind people who not only do their jobs but put their heart into their work!

Juanita, one of our amazing caregivers, advocated on behalf of the client, Ms. Mary Hinton-McGhee, to receive assistance through ESS funding to purchase a much-needed lift chair.

The amazing CCU (Care Coordinating Unit) at DuPage County assisted and put all of this together for Ms. McGhee.

It is beautiful to see that positivity and goodwill still exists!

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