Max Care Home Health Services has been providing Clinical and Non-Clinical – Caregiver services since 2007 and is certified under Joint Commission-JACHO, IDoA, and IDPH. The scope of our services is based on a proactive integrated approach that includes social, psychosocial, medical, non-medical, and health insurance-related aspects. Our care connection networks serve as a one stop shop for all elderly health care needs.

Our Mission:

To be recognized in the provisions of home health care with an emphasis on patient-centered care, focus on the highest quality of care, and empowerment through professional education for our staff, patients, and their families.

Our Goals:

To provide highest quality health care services to our patients in their home environment by transitioning, coordinating, and establishing continuity of care. Also, to ensure minimal re-hospitalizations and emergency visits while optimizing independence and safe living.

 Our Vision:

To be an all encompassing, comprehensive home health care delivery system. Also, to be a recognized leader in the provision of home health care with an emphasis and value on patient-centered care, high-quality care, innovation through a patient, family, and professional education.

Our Values: I-CARE